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Criminal Justice & Supporting Law Services

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Lahor Behavioral offers evaluations, educational programs, and counseling.

Therapy is offered on-site with the individual, family, couple, or group at the home, office, or other location. We offer a comprehensive treatment program that includes a thorough assessment by a licensed psychologist and therapy by a licensed professional counselor.

The Training and expertise of our professional staff provide quality programs to address the following area:

  • Judicial System Programs

  • Court Intervention and Diversion

  • Child Custody Evaluations

  • Divorcing Parents Education Program

  • Personal Safety Programs

  • Adoption Evaluations

  • Family Violence Program (BIPP)

  • Treatment for Abused and/or Neglected Children

Lahor Behavioral is here to meet your personal needs and goals with a comprehensive plan. Each program begins with a thorough assessment by a Licensed Psychologist.

Contact us today to set up an appointment: Appointment Request Form / 832 818 0356

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