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Behavioral Health

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Are you battling depression, conflict, or behavioral/emotional problems? Then it is time to contact someone who cares about you and can help!

Lahor Behavioral offers a comprehensive treatment program that includes a thorough assessment by a licensed psychologist and therapy by a licensed professional counselor. Therapy is offered on-site with the individual, family, couple, or group at the home, school, office, or other location.

The training and expertise of our professional staff provide quality programs to address the following area:

  • Depression / Anxiety Treatment

  • Life Transition

  • Grief and Loss

  • Anger Management

  • Pain/Injury/ Chronic Illness

  • Job and Career Counseling

  • Substance Abuse / Intervention / Prevention

  • Medication Management

Behavioral Health is here to meet your personal needs and goals with a comprehensive plan. Each program begins with a thorough assessment by a Licensed Psychologist.

Contact us today to set up an appointment: Appointment Request Form / 832 818 0356

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